Scheduling K-12 School Assembly Performances for the next school

Guided by a vision of a culturally diverse society with an increased understanding of the history and expressions of cultures and civilizations, Twoshields Production curricula in the arts is intended to promote cultural literacy and awareness, and to provide individuals with opportunities for creative self-expression through the visual and performing arts.

Using the Native American Culture. 

Twoshields Production believes that creative expression, in all its forms, expands avenues of communication and social interaction within the community. Further, it is a means of expanding the self-awareness of the participants, developing their natural ability to express themselves creatively and reinforcing the importance of support and acceptance of the work of others in order to accomplish common goals

The objective of Twoshields Production. Arts Curricula is to provide equal opportunities for all students to discover the enriching power, the intellectual excitement and the joy of competence in the arts.

Artistic skills and knowledge will be unlocked through a developmentally-based program of instruction that:

Offers both arts-focused and arts-integrated educational experiences.

Promotes meaningful exploration and expression for all students.

Custom Cultural classes available that includes, crafts, drum, games, dance, songs, and history of the Native American people.

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