June 29, 2019- Lavendar Days, Young Living Farm

June 1, 2019 Twoshields Productions performed for Acorn Touring Company for a group of guests from Taiwan-- see photo page.

May 17, 18, 19- 2019 Annual Living Traditions Festival-- /files/393907/living-traditions-2019.jpg

May 14, 2019-- two of twoshields Production Company dancers performed at Sacred Images unveiling. /files/392920/jimmie-rhonda-at-high-school.jpg

May 15, 2019-- Upcoming family oriented event. Nino will be doing a Native American dance and storytelling for Story Cross Roads 

April 10, 2019-- International Student & Scholar Services- University of Utah, Pakistan Foreign Exchange Students- dancers

March 23, 2019--  Office of Inclusion and Outreach- University of Utah- Dancers-  

March 19, 2019--  Nino will be speaking at the Indian Education " Pathways to the Future." 

March 6-10, 2019-- See Nino at the Oldcapitalfest story telling festival Filmore / Delta, Utah - A brief story

February 23, 2019--   SCERA- Center for the Arts-- Dancers-  

Another successful Performance from Twoshields Production Company 
2019,Soldier Hollow, Utah  Winter Biathlon- Dancers-