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Are you a Native American flute enthusiast and a have hard time finding a flute in the Salt Lake City, Utah area and would like purchase a flute with out having to pay a middle man who pays little to the artist. Well look no further.  Your next purchase of a Native American flute is a phone call away.

There are not too many flute players who could say they make their own flutes.
Nino is a Native American flute maker from Salt Lake City and makes flutes from various wood, and proud to provide his enrollment number to verify his Indian decent. 

FLUTE Classes

Nino offers easy "how to" steps to learning the flute and sending individuals on their own flute journey. Offered classes are for all age groups with individuals who are inspired to learn this ancient instrument. Students will receive a beginners flute, instruction, and music cd of Ninos works. Autographed posters are also available.

class will discuss:

Breathing Techniques
Fingering Techniques
history of flute
how to care of flute
Parts of flute

Contact to set up special school or group rates.